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Foreword   [p. x]

Preface   [p. xii]

Overview   [p. 1]

    Adventure in Science
    Creation on Trial
    Creation Science: a Cause for Investigation?
    The National Academy of Sciences and Academic Freedom

Chapter 1: Radiohalos and the Age of the Earth   [p. 11]

    Evolution as a Total Framework
    The Question of Origins Reopened
    Radioactivity and the Age of the Rocks
    The Puzzle of the Rings in the Rocks
    The Radioactive Nature of the Halos
    Radioactive Halos and the Decay Rate Question
    Microscopic Chances

Chapter 2: The Genesis Rocks   [p. 23]

    The A, B, C, and D Halos
    Extinct Halos Intrude on the Scene
    Modern Cosmology and Extinct Natural Radioactivity
    The Enigma of the Polonium Halos
    Polonium Halos: a Revolutionary New Interpretation
    The Impact of Creation on Evolution and the Age of the Earth
    Primordial and Secondary Rocks
    Precambrian Granites—the Genesis Rocks

Chapter 3: Polonium Halos Go to Press   [p. 38]

    Misfits in the Evolutionary Mosaic
    A New Affiliation and Better Research Opportunities
    Extended Peer Review and Controversy
    Initial Experiments at Oak Ridge
    An Invitation to Join a National Laboratory
    Search for Halos in Lunar Rocks
    Polonium Halo Analysis
    A Novel Theory of Polonium Halo Origin
    Objections Refuted
    The Spectacle Halo

Chapter 4: Secondary Polonium Halos Fuel the Controversy   [p. 51]

    Uranium in Coalified Wood
    The Origin of Sedimentary Rocks
    Radiometric Dating of the Colorado Plateau Deposits
    Secondary Polonium Halos: Another Discovery
    New Data Supports the Global Flood Model
    A Professor Notes the Silent Response
    Debating the Time Scale

Chapter 5: Reverberations from Scientists   [p. 63]

    A Falsification Test Proposed
    A Courageous Editorial Decision
    Polonium Halos: an Independent Evaluation

Chapter 6: Reaction from the National Science Foundation   [p. 73]

    The Elusive Superheavy Elements
    Declination of 1977 Proposal
    Appeal to the NSF
    Another Proposal—another Denial
    Inquiry by a Member of Congress—1977 Proposal
    Inquiry by a Member of Congress—1979 Proposal
    Pro-evolution at the NSF?
    Freedom of Inquiry

Chapter 7: Creation Science a Public Issue   [p. 87]

    The Lessons of Scopes
    Stacking the Deck Against Creation Science
    The Arkansas Trial: a Difficult Decision
    Repression in the Classroom
    Evolution Promoted as Fact
    Countdown to the Arkansas Trial

Chapter 8: ACLU Strategy Revealed at Little Rock   [p. 99]

    The ACLU's Plan for the Treatment of Origins
    Direct Examination of the ACLU Witness for Biophysics
    The ACLU and the Origin of Life: a Narrow Escape
    The Judge Rescues the ACLU
    The ACLU: No Science but Evolution
    The Age of the Earth: Testimony of the ACLU Geology Witness

Chapter 9: Confrontation in the Courtroom   [p. 111]

    The State Challenges Radiometric Dating Techniques
    The Granite Synthesis Experiment: an Evolutionary Perspective
    A Very Tiny Mystery

Chapter 10: Creation's Test on Trial   [p. 124]

    ACLU Witness Explains Evidence for Creation
    Confronting the Falsification Test
    Primordial Rocks Derived from a Primordial Liquid
    Imitation Granite
    Polonium Halos Revisited
    Primordial and Secondary Rocks in a Creation Perspective
    Reflections on the First Week of the Trial
    Taking the Stand

Chapter 11: The Trial Decision   [p. 138]

    Evolutionists Win the Game
    Court Judgment Reveals Evolutionary Bias
    Radiohalos: Tiny Mystery or Block to Evolution?
    Evolutionary Article of Faith
    True Science Defined by the Court

Chapter 12: Media Reaction to the Arkansas Trial   [p. 145]

    Effects of Journalism on Research Funding
    Reporting from an Evolutionist Perspective
    Where Is the Science in Creation Science?
    Discounting the Evidence
    Correction Attempt Fails
    AAAS and Evolutionary Presuppositions
    Audio Tapes Reveal Factual Account
    Another Viewpoint

Chapter 13: The Aftermath of the Arkansas Trial   [p. 161]

    Conventional Nuclear Waste Containment
    An Innovative Approach to the Nuclear Waste Problem
    Experimental Results Reach the U.s. Congress
    Appeal to Continue Research
    Final Results Support Young Age of Earth
    End of an Era — a Summary
    The Case of the Unmailed Letter
    Final Inquiry by a Member of Congress

Chapter 14: Creation Confronts Evolution   [p. 175]

    A Geologist Evaluates Creation Science
    My Presentation at the AAAS Symposium
    A National Forum
    Creation/evolution Newsletter Attacks Polonium Halo Evidence
    Vistas in Creation

Chapter 15: Continued Attacks on Creation Science   [p. 186]

    Survey of Creation-science Literature Yields Questionable Results
    Another Response Denied
    Response to the National Academy of Sciences
    Challenge to the National Academy of Sciences
    University of Tennessee Public Forum on Creation Science
    Continuing Censorship at Science

Epilogue — The Grand Design   [p. 205]

Radiohalo Catalogue   [p. 209]

Appendix   [p. 221]

References   [p. 353]

Credits   [p. 357]

Index   [p. 359]

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