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Big Bang, Genesis, and Knocking on Heaven's Door


Statement regarding Dr. Gentry's scheduled April 1 presentation at the 2012 American Physical Society meeting in Atlanta. [read statement]


Evidence: Radioactive Decay Revisited

Dr. Robert Gentry
Multiple Halos

For decades, evidence based upon radioactive decay rates has been used to support the concept that the Earth is billions of years old. But has all the radiometric evidence been considered? Did you know that there is undisputed evidence - the radioactive decay of polonium - within the Earth's granite foundation which shows rapid formation?

Were you aware that reports outlining this evidence passed peer review, and were published in the open scientific literature? Have you heard that, decades later, this evidence still stands unrefuted by the scientific community?
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What are Polonium Radiohalos?

Dr. Robert Gentry Examines Radiohalo Specimens

Etched within Earth's granite foundation rocks are beautiful microspheres of coloration - halos - produced by the radioactive decay of primordial polonium, which is known to have only a fleeting existence. The way in which these polonium microspheres form quickly contradicts the evolutionary belief that granites formed slowly as hot magma cooled over millions of years. These halos provide unambiguous evidence of both an almost instantaneous creation of granites and the young age of the earth.
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The Young Age of the Earth

David and Robert Gentry at location at coal mine
Walter Brown at the Grand Canyon

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The Young Age of the Earth is a 76 minute VHS/DVD video which explains how a created young Earth is compatible with a myriad of field evidences and the Genesis record of creation in six literal days. Dr. Robert V. Gentry and his son David present young earth evidences supporting rapid coal and oil formation.
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  • Polonium halos in coalified wood showing rapid formation under high pressure.
  • Giant beds of pure coal, sometimes hundreds of feet thick, in the Powder River Basin indicating rapid deposition and burial of billions of tons of vegetation by a massive flood mechanism.
  • Deep sea videography from DSV Alvin which reveals present-day oil formation in the Guaymas Basin.
  • Geologic features which question whether the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon over millions of years.
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
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Fingerprints of Creation

Dr. Robert Gentry Examines Radiohalo Specimens

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Fingerprints of Creation is a 33 minute VHS/DVD video detailing the evidence polonium halos offer that the Earth was rapidly formed and did not cool over millions of years.
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  • Instrumentation similar to that used to gather the published data on the polonium halos with simple demonstrations which illustrate the basic concepts of a short-lived nuclear emitter.
  • Three-dimensional graphic animations illustrating the process of halo formation from nuclear particles.
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
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Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe DVD jacket

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Center of the Universe, a 28½ minute DVD video, is an absolute must see for all who have pondered whether the glories and mysteries of the starry heavens are just a cosmic accident, or whether they instead hold a sublime but heretofore undeciphered message from the Creator Himself.

In this documentary Drs. Robert and David Gentry unlock this message by their amazing astronomical discovery that the universe has a nearby center that can be identified with the location of the Great White Throne, God's dwelling place in the heavens described in the book of Revelation.

They even go so far as to suggest that this discovery may have apocalyptic implications: Did the Creator long ago plan for this sign in the heavens to be discovered as a signal that the present age is nearing its close and will soon end with the second coming of Christ in power and glory? It's a challenging possibility that none should ignore.


Creation's Tiny Mystery

View of multiple polonium halos

Many years ago the TV mini-series Roots sparked an interest for many Americans to understand their history. This book too is about roots, for ultimately it deals with the "roots" of our planet and how and when it came into existence. Gentry's method of tracing those roots has been through probing the historical "records" of Earth's basement rocks. This quest for truth about origins unfolds a personal odyssey about his experiences in exploring the microscopic world enclosed within the foundation rocks of the earth.

The central thesis of this book is that the Creator left decisive evidence enabling us to identify Earth's Genesis rocks. But genuine evidence for creation falsifies the evolution model of origins, irrespective of how many pieces of the evolutionary puzzle seem to fit together....
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