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Big Bang Cosmology and Nucleosynthesis

Statement re: The Big Bang, Genesis, and Knocking on Heaven's Door

(re: A poster presentation to be presented on April 1 at the 2012 American Physical Society meeting in Atlanta)

In my April 1 APS poster at the Hyatt Regency, I, physicist Robert Gentry, am set to announce game-changing discoveries of fatal flaws in the astrophysical and geological foundational assumptions that support big bang cosmology. In a real sense this is not surprising given that neither physicists nor geologists have done what is the essence of scientific protocol: testing and validating a theory's central assumptions before that theory is presented to the public and the wider scientific community as a viable and trustworthy scientific theory. The utter failure of physicists and geologists to do this testing is one of the greatest debacles in the history of modern science, but yet one that has been generally unknown until the time of this APS meeting. To top it off I will present primordial radioactivity evidence supporting the rapidity of the literal Genesis creation.

Thus avowed atheist evolutionists, Stephen "No God" Hawking and Richard "The God Delusion" Dawkins, may well have conniptions when they learn of Gentry's pro-God-of-Genesis scientific presentation, The Big Bang, Genesis, and Knocking on Heaven's Door, at the forthcoming American Physical Society meeting in Atlanta, on Sunday afternoon April 1 at the Hyatt Regency.

There I will report that there can be no greater flaw found in any cosmological theory than for it now to be reported — just as Copernicus did for Ptolemaic cosmology — that big bang's foundational postulate of spacetime expansion redshifts is irrefutably false and contradicted by GPS experimental results. Since big bang's explanations of Hubble's redshift relation, and the 2.73 K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation (CBR) as expansion-redshifted radiation, are critically hinged on this assumption, then its disproof means that the big bang collapses as quickly as did Ptolemaic cosmology when Copernicus discovered that its foundational earth-centered assumption was sun-centered instead.

I will also report another discovery that is equally destructive to big bang's second foundational assumption, which is that all the universe's primordial radioactivity and its heavy elements — including those that compose all of Earth's rocks — can be traced to ancient supernovae nucleosynthesis events.

Big bang theory holds that these nucleosynthesis events generally occurred millions to hundreds of millions ago or more, which in turn means that only the primordial radioactive elements with exceedingly long half-lives could have survived such long intervals to be incorporated into the cooling magma of Earth's first rocks. But during my 13-year long Guest Scientist stay at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory I repeatedly published evidence that falsifies this scenario in my 1970's Nature and Science reports, especially those in 1974 — see www.halos.com.

Here I refer to my discovery of three types of microscopic petroglyphs in granite rocks worldwide, with El Capitan being an example of such rocks. I determined that these petroglyphs had been produced by different-energy alpha particles emitted from a tiny center, and that their differing ring sizes could be identified with radioactive decay of three isotopes of polonium: 210Po, 214Po and 218Po. The accompanying slide shows several three-ring 218Po halos, so named because the initiating polonium isotope was 218Po (middle ring), which decayed to 214Po (outer ring) and then to 210Po (inner ring).

Since my peer-reviewed Science and Nature reports proved that the polonium atoms that formed these halos were primordial — completely disconnected from those originating with uranium decay chain radioactivity such as in the U-rich Colorado Plateau sedimentary formations — then their short half-lives constrain the time period from primordial polonium creation to creation of earth's foundational granite rocks, and by extension, the Earth itself. For the 218Po halos that period is only its 3-minute half-life.

Because these primordial Po halos are part of our galaxy's primordial matter, this also constrains the elapsed time interval for the creation of the primordial matter which now composes the stars and galaxies — and in fact all the planetary systems throughout the visible cosmos — to the same 3-minute interval. Such evidence disproves big bang's foundational assumption of an eons-long, slow accumulation of primordial matter in repeated supernovae nucleosynthesis events throughout the universe, and instead provides a scientific affirmation of the rapidity of the Genesis, literal, six-day record of creation of the visible cosmos, including, of course, our galaxy and solar system.

This is scientific proof not only of Genesis but also of the existence of the Creator God of Genesis. And it has all been published in the world's premier scientific journals without refutation for the past thirty years, during which time it has been heavily censored from coming to the center of scientific attention by certain strong evolutionists within and without the APS.

This is part one of The Big Bang's Cosmic Titanic, and Judgment Day for the Worldwide Physics Community, because this community must now answer to the general public first why, during the last three decades, eminent physicists in editorial positions, as well as those in regular APS membership, have been content to bury both this scientific disproof of big bang's ages long, heavy element nulceosynthesis scenario, as well as to censor its support for the nucleogenesis of the Genesis Creation narrative.

The second part of this Cosmic Titanic, and Judgment Day for the Worldwide Physics Community is that it unveils one of the greatest debacles in modern times — the one that duped the general public into believing that the big bang is one of the greatest discoveries of all time, while at the same time cosmologists were well aware that not a single paper had ever been published confirming its central assumptions. And moreover, when I repeatedly attempted to have this failure and my discoveries of its downfall brought to the center of scientific attention for analysis and discussion over the last two decades — with the one exception being my first paper being published in MPLA in 1997 — editors in elite physics journals have repeatedly censored further advances in my discoveries all the while allowing criticisms to be published.

The most egregious occurrence of this censorship began when the ten papers I submitted to the arXiv in February 2001 were deleted by Los Alamos arXiv staff that same evening, even after receiving valid arXiv numbers, and hence were not published at that time. A few days later I again submitted the same papers titled, Flaws in the Big Bang Point to Genesis, A New Millennium Model of the Cosmos to the Los Alamos arXiv. Again they received arXiv numbers and again they were deleted. The difference on this occasion was that Paul Ginsparg, who was the person at Los Alamos who was in charge of the arXiv at that time, ordered that my password be deleted as well. This was clearly an authoritarian decree that was backed by the Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory and its librarian — technically the arXiv was under the librarian. Later, after the arXiv was moved to Cornell University under the auspices of Paul Ginsparg, he continued to censor my papers from being released. The president of Cornell, as well as its librarian, were both made aware of this censorship but opted to do nothing. All this has of course made it impossible for me to post further confirmation of my results of big bang's disproof on the arXiv. Reports of this censorship then appeared in three news items in Nature over the next several years as I unsuccessfully attempted through the courts to again regain my password.

Of course these Nature news items afforded wide opportunity for anyone in the worldwide physics community to protest that such actions were exactly the same as the ultimate manifestation of censorship by totalitarian rulers, and that fairness demanded that my results be brought to the center of scientific attention for analysis and discussion. This would be in accord with the National Academy of Sciences's 1976 "An Affirmation of Freedom of Inquiry and Expression," which states in part:

… That the search for knowledge and understanding of the physical universe … should be conducted under conditions of intellectual freedom, without religious, political or ideological restriction.

… That all discoveries should be disseminated and may be challenged without such restriction.

… That freedom of inquiry and dissemination of ideas require that those so engaged be free to search where their inquiry leads … free to publish their findings without political censorship and without fear of retribution in consequence of unpopularity of their conclusions. Those who challenge existing theory must be protected from retaliatory reactions.

… That the preservation and extension of personal freedom are dependent on all of us … supporting and working for application of the principles enunciated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and upholding a universal belief in the worth and dignity of each human being.

Nevertheless, just the opposite of the NAS affirmation of freedom to publish and disseminate my discoveries has occurred due to continuing efforts by evolutionists in the APS to censor my results from publication in physics and other journals. It's the ultimate Watergate-type scientific cover-up.

Many details of this suppression and cover-up, with copies of the ten papers, can be found at www.theorionfoundation.com. The bottom line is that many physicists have worked hard — and are still working hard — to suppress and cover up my results of the collapse of Big Bang Cosmology and the emergence of the new COSMIC CENTER UNIVERSE model that points to the Throne of God at the nearby Center of the Universe. The technical details of this model can be found in CERN Preprints, Ext-2003-021 ("Discovery of a Major Contradiction in Big Bang Cosmology Points to the New Cosmic Center Universe Model") and Ext-2003-022 ("New Cosmic Center Universe Model Matches Eight of Big Bang's Major Predictions Without the F-L Paradigm.") It is yet to be seen whether protests to CERN about my APS presentation will result in these papers being removed from the CERN collection.

The evidence as I see it is that highly regarded, confirmed evolutionists in the physics community are committed to whatever it takes — including involving themselves in a continuing, giant Watergate-type cover-up — to prevent the general public from learning that there is genuine scientific evidence that overthrows the big bang, which at the same time provides a very clear scientific basis for the literal six-day Genesis creation account, and hence also for the existence of God.

On another issue, just think of the huge outcry that is almost certain to follow once conservative Christian parents realize that they have been forced to send their children to public schools to learn about evolution under atheistic evolutionists' insistence that the big bang was scientific truth, only to now learn that for more than seventy years they have been duped into believing a huge lie, a lie that in many instances led to destruction of their children's faith in God and ended in their becoming atheistic evolutionists like their teachers.

In an attempt to break through this censorship that is preventing me from further publication of the falsification of the big bang and Earth's ancient geological evolution, I have on two occasions contacted three of America's leading evolutionists — Bruce Alberts, Jr., editor of Science; Ralph Cicerone, National Academy of Sciences President, and Eugenie Scott, director of the pro-evolution National Center of Science Education — which is dedicated to propagating evolution and opposing the public school teaching of creation — for each of them to pick a leading cosmologist to meet with them and me on a live, nationwide TV forum to settle the big bang evolution / Genesis issue.

The offer still stands for any three renowned big bang cosmologists who wish to take up the offer. It also stands for any three highly placed geologists who would also wish to be included on the forum discussion to refute the primordial polonium halo evidence that identifies granites as Earth's Genesis rocks, rather than being of natural origin from slow cooling of magma. To settle whether granite is of natural origin, as geologists have insisted for about two centuries, I have challenged geologists everywhere to synthesize just a small hand-sized piece of granite in the lab to prove that it is of natural origin.

This issue came into prime focus during my presentation at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville on April 13, 1987. As the video of that presentation clearly shows — see www.halos.com — a UT geology professor claimed publicly that evening that he knew of many publications that showed that granite had been synthesized and I was ignorant for not knowing this, and then claimed to be able to synthesize a walnut-size piece of granite himself in a just a week. I then stated before the large audience that evening that my phone number would be given and that he should call me so that his success could be announced on local, state and national news that he had been able to do that which no other geologist had ever done. Twenty five years have elapsed since his claim to be able to synthesize granite in a week was made, and it has never occurred. Neither have I ever received a list of any of the publications that he claimed showed that granites had already been synthesized in the lab.

A few years earlier, in testimony at the 1981 Arkansas creation-evolution trial, G. Brent Dalrymple, then Acting Director of the USGS in Menlo Park, was called by the ACLU to provide some naturalistic explanation for polonium halos in granites. Here's his trial testimony response to the question of how the existence of polonium halos in granites can be explained.

"And also in Gentry's work, he's proposed a very tiny mystery which is balanced on the other side by an enormous amount of evidence. And I think it's important to know what the answer to that little mystery is. …

So that if you have a granitic body, a rock that comes from the melt, that contains this mica, and it cools down, it takes millions of years for a body like that to cool.

"So that by the time the body cooled, all the polonium would have decayed, since it has an extremely short half-life. Therefore, there would be no polonium in the body to cause the polonium halos.

"So what he [Gentry] is saying, this is primordial polonium; therefore the granite mass in which it occurs could not have cooled slowly; therefore, it must have been created by fiat, instantly."

Testimony of Dr. G. Brent Dalrymple, Acting Director, Western Division, USGS, at the December 1981 Arkansas Creation Trial; see Creation's Tiny Mystery (Earth Science Associates, 2003) online at www.halos.com. And as a most significant follow-up to that testimony, Dalrymple — who in 2005 received the National Medal of Science from President Bush — wrote the following in 1992 and 1995 letters sent out under the auspices of the pro-evolution National Center for Science Education,

Dear Fellow Geologist,

The [creation science] movement is beginning to affect some college classes, too, as members of "Genesis clubs" enter classrooms with disruptive (and difficult to answer) questions. How would you answer a student who claims that the presence of Polonium halos in granite demonstrates that granite had to have formed suddenly (i.e., was specially created)?

All the above refutes Lisa Randall's argument — see "Knocking on Heaven's Door," Science 334, 762 (2011) — against God's existence by her claim that there is no "material trace of his actions." In fact, as the above shows, the God of Genesis did the exact opposite when He placed His Fingerprints of Creation in Earth and cosmos, thus certifying the rapidity of His instantaneous work during Genesis' six literal days of creation (and also confirming His existence), while at the same time decertifying all of evolution, including the big bang and geological evolution.

More details — including many of my scientific reports — are given at www.halos.com.

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