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Astronomy and Cosmology

Some of our newest research concerns astronomy and cosmology. Our findings provide a radically new model of the cosmos while also showing why the Big Bang Theory is fatally flawed. For more on this topic, please see our sister site, http://www.TheOrionFoundation.com



The Hydroplate Theory


The Hydroplate Theory is a relatively new model of Earth history embracing the following concepts:

  • Sudden destruction of most of the life on Earth
  • Source and destination of water for a global flood
  • Massive changes in land morphology, including mountain formation
  • Continental 'drift'
  • Unusual geologic features, such as salt domes, limestone cliffs, canyons, and others
  • Ocean ridges and trenches
  • Comets, meteors, and asteroids

The theory attempts to reduce these seemingly different phenomena to a single (though by no means trivial) cause: the sudden rupturing of subterranean chambers of water which were once within the Earth's crust. According to the Hydroplate Theory:

About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the earth's surface. Excluding the solid structure of the interconnected chambers, the subterranean water, containing a large amount of dissolved salt and carbon dioxide, would have approximated a thin, spherical shell, about 3/4 of a mile in thickness. Above the subterranean water was a granite crust; beneath the water was a layer of basaltic rock. In the Beginning, 7th Edition, p 99

It was the rupturing of this shell which caused the destruction of all surface features on planet Earth, in an event described in Genesis 7:11 as 'on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.' The bursting forth of this water caused powerful jets of water, which after shooting above the atmosphere, returned to the surface in torrential rains. Some water and rock chunks, propelled by hydraulic 'hammer' action and expanding gasses, managed to escape the Earth's gravity. Eventually these either regrouped by their own gravity, became captured by other objects, or otherwise drifted in space as asteroids, meteors, comets, or planetary ring systems. The initial crack wherein the waters escaped elongated to a rift encircling the entire Earth, and widened to become the Mid Oceanic Ridge. In particular, the land which split along the crack that was to become the Mid Atlantic Ridge separated into the East coast of North/South America, and the West coast of Europe/Africa. As the rapidly moving continental masses (the hydroplates) separated, they eventually encountered resistance, wherein they buckled and formed huge mountain ranges. This is why the major mountain ranges run parallel to the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Naturally, the long axis of each buckled mountain was generally perpendicular to its hydroplate's motion or parallel to the portion of the Mid-Oceanic Ridge from which it slid. So, the Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, and Andes have a north-south orientation.In the Beginning, 7th Edition, p 104

The effect on the other side of the world was to form depressions:

As the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Atlantic floor rose, mass had to shift within the earth toward the Atlantic. Subsidence occurred on the opposite side of the earth, especially in the western Pacific where granite plates buckled downward, forming trenches. In the Beginning, 7th Edition, p 105

This smooth separation of the Continents and sudden upthrust of the major mountain ranges seems to fit the evidence precisely. Other, more complex movements and distortions, such as those proposed by Bullard and the more recent Plate Tectonics theories, are not as elegant. The Hydroplate Theory fits much evidence for many other physical features also and does so without 'stretching' its original proposal; they follow as a natural consequence of the theory. It should also be noted that besides making observations about evidence, the Hydroplate Theory also makes predictions about features which should be discovered if it was true. Some of these have been fulfilled since the time in which they were originally made. The text and pictures of the entire book In the Beginning, 7th Edition, which presents the Hydroplate Theory in full detail, is available free online at http://www.creationscience.com.


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