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Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation!



Correspondence with Dr. K. R. Walker

Dr. R. V. Gentry to Dr. K. R. Walker, July 7, 1987.   Dr. Gentry gave a presentation at the University of Tennessee on April 13, 1987, entitled, "Should Creation Science Be Taught at the University of Tennessee?" During the question and answer session after the presentation, Dr. Larry Taylor made the claim that granite synthesis experiments had repeatedly produced granite in the laboratory, that it could be done in a matter of weeks, and that this had been published multiple times in the scientific literature. This letter is a follow up to that claim, asking for the references to those published scientific papers.

Letters from Dr. Brent Dalrymple

Dr. Brent Dalrymple to AGU Members, November 1992.   Dr. Brent Dalrymple sent out letters on National Center for Science Education (NCSE) letterhead, soliciting both members and donations for the NCSE. Part of his appeal was based on the fact that no one would really know how to answer the claim "that the presence of Polonium halos in granite demonstrates that granite had to have formed suddenly (i.e., was specially created)."

Dr. Brent Dalrymple to Fellow Geologists, November 1995.   This letter is essentially a repeat of Dr. Dalrymple's 1995 letter. It likewise mentions the unrefuted claim of the Polonium halo evidence, indicating that three years of additional research by evolutionists had still turned up absolutely nothing.

Correspondence with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

The following is some correspondence we had with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) over their claim that some granites are Flood rocks rather than primordial rocks.

  • Our email of 11/3/2002 to ICR, requesting locations of fossiliferous granites. They had claimed to have found "unequivocal evidence" that some granites formed from the melting of fossiliferous sedimentary rock. The only possible evidence that could qualify as "unequivocal" would be the finding of fossils in granite. Hence, our request.
  • Reply to our email from ICR's Dr. Andrew Snelling on 11/17/2002.
  • Our first open letter of 7/11/2003, addressing the issues raised by Dr. Snelling in his emailed reply. HTML   PDF
Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation!

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